Jeff plays a very special custom made Herald Trumpet flourishing a red satin banner custom embroidered with gold fireworks to add a regal flair for weddings, arrivals of dignitaries, and other special occasions. 
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Jeff plays jazz and blues in a style all his own, Blues & Rhythm magazine of Kent, England UK credits Jeff's "flamboyant stage presence" as "an added bonus".  Jeff performed recently in Cuernavaca, Mexico with Alfonso Maya (Mexico) and Jean Francois Faver (France) at Zapotitlan's live music night next to the famous Palacio Cortes.

Jeff also played opening night at the world famous Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio with Princess Ladia and the Blue Knights.  Stephen King and the Rock Bottom Remainders also played, a group of published authors who were also well known weekend rock warriors.

One of Jeff's great friends while with Travis was Scanlon "Scatman" Sharp, who was also with Jeff in Switzerland.  One of the finest drummers Jeff has ever worked with, when they returned home, Jeff guest appeared with the Spirit Plus Band:  Joe Pearson, Kerry Joe Holland, CC, George Lashley, Scatman, and Jeff back in the day!
Frank "Silk" Smith was a true friend to Jeff, and was truly one of the great guitarists he ever recorded with.  Frank was at home playing country, funk, jazz, blues and was always up for whatever challenge came his way.  Here are Frank & Jeff in Davos, Switzerland, at the Jakobshorn summit in the Swiss Alps. There they played the hotel Davos Face during the World Economic Forum with the Travis Haddix Band.  He and his wife Cookie will always be remembered fondly
Performing began with Polish Music, Jeff's first experience in a culture different from the one in which he was raised.  During ten years with teacher John Trush at Memphis Ridge Music Academy, Jeff started with Ed Potoniec's Polkateers when he was 15 years old, soon after Jeff joined the John Borkowski Orchestra.  John was President of the Alliance of Poles, where Jeff played tangos, obereks, czardases, and yes, some polkas for 15 years! Jeff would also perform the Hejnal, a legendary trumpet call of Krakow, played there daily since the 14th century to signal the time. The story goes while trumpeting a warning during the Tatar invasion of Poland in 1241, an arrow pierced the trumpeter's neck, explaining the noted call's abrupt ending.  The call is forever etched in the minds of the Polish people as a signal of bravery.
Jeff with John Borkowski, Bill Lesiw, Dan Soltis, and Jim DeLuca, who was a friend of Jeff's since junior high and high school.  Jim & Jeff's musical collaboration in this band gave some of the best harmonies, and their stories of the many places and people they encountered never cease to amuse those who hear them!